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If you feel that your business is underperforming and you want to increase the quality of relationships with your customers and employees to create a better environment, then our business experience analysis service is the best way to you. We can help uncover and resolve bad workflows and patterns, customer-related and dissatisfaction issues in your non-digital business system. Our analysis will look over and research all the affected segments, marketing activities, competencies, human factors, management styles, employee and customer satisfaction to deliver a revise-plan to help and support the business/management decisions.

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approach and process


Understand the business

The first step is the meeting with the business stakeholders to understand the matter of the business and understand the frustrations and issues.

Research & Screening

The second step is research within the business. We’ll do a thorough screening to uncover all the related issues, uncover inefficiently and misused flows.

Analysis outcomes

The analysis will tell the pain points. System may needs just a small adjustment, sometimes a better training or more understanding of how to adapt user needs in your system.

Resolve plan

Based on the accurate and precise research and findings, we will come up with an effective and useful, feasible and achievable plan to help the management decision on any future changes.

What Our Clients Say

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“UX Guerrilla was hired to help us to increase the business success, improve our team effort and moral, also the customer satisfaction. Highly recommended, it was worth every pennies.”


Company Director

“UX Guerrilla located and analysed the source of problem in our workflow, since the issues have been resolved our sales team and customer service are much more effective which raised the business conversion rates.”


PR & Marketing Manager
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