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We’ve seen and helped a lot of successful and unsuccessful businesses over the past few years. Behind the success or failure there are tons of different factors from the digital products to non-digital services, well-organised to poor processes, broken communication or a series of bad business decisions. Sometimes the biggest brands ignore the most important thing: their product and/or service is made successful by their users but with turning away from it customers can also ruin any successful brand. The key to the success of a product or a service is to attract the users, make their life easier, and make the tasks more enjoyable. A satisfied user is the only one loyal user.

UX Guerrilla recognised that a significant part of companies in the UK are blind to realise and resolve user focused problems. The poorly thought out company hierarchy, micro-management, insufficient product knowledge, slow decision-making or bad response makes things worse when they face the problems and look for a solution. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic and the BREXIT have brought to the fore several such system-level problems, as many new challenges that have never been seen before need to be answered immediately, and previously unknown problems need to be eliminated. And this is not easy for even the largest ones: no protocol to answer special challenges, communication errors and / or inadequacies, problem-solving imperfections, many incomprehensible and ill-considered business decisions from the user’s/customer’s point of view. However, complex and well-thought-out answers must be given to complex problems. UX Guerrilla can help with that. UX Guerrilla helps to uncover the real source of problems, simplify business processes and thinking, find the root cause to the problems and finally bring the customer and user to the centre. We believe in that the real problem solving is when the business recognises and responds very fast to the user frustrations. That’s the key to the success. 

we are


An introduction to design thinking, design principles, research & prototyping and information design


Learn to use various methods to expose problems and find crucial information to use in the design process


Discover best practices for UX and UI design, improve usability, accessibility & efficiency

UX Guerrilla helps you to understand users’ voices and expectations, we make the product/solution more usable to anyone as our Usability & Accessibility tests will show the usability issues and what further improvement is required.To explore user’s behaviour and help with higher conversions we do CX/Conversion Analysis. Sometimes needs instead only to simplify or rethink an existing solution or process than to design or build a new system in this case we provide help in Solution Optimisation.

If a company needs a better business process, production, social media and communication management or a more effective training structure, UX Guerrilla can help to do a Business Experience analysis and suggest a feasible and achievable plan.UX Guerrilla experts are able to help to build new solutions from scratch and provide a very thorough UX Design & Research to make the proper business decisions.Let UX Guerrilla help to do a Digital Transformation plan for your business to move on to a digitised future and give better and higher quality of user experience to customers in a more efficient way.

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What Our Clients Say


“Very useful training, tutor was very professional an expert in this subject, agile process was very well explained, easy to learn how to work in agile environment and is not just useful for developers but in all field of the business.”



“I met so many interesting people during the training and also got knowledge enough to deciding to start a new career and move to this very exiting new field, thank you so much!”



“What UX Guerrilla does that is the ideal way for brainstorming. We all get inspired by UX Guerrilla creativity, enthusiasm and devotion to their job. Thank you for staying open-minded about the new trends in the world of design thinking.”


Head of UI Designer

“The digital transformation was a really exciting journey. UX Guerrilla was a good choice as they have the expertise to understand our business needs and goals, they provided presentations and trainings for us before they led our company to the digital world.”


Business Owner

“It was nice to work within a creative team, I learnt a lot of this course. Thanks for the great experience and the opportunities that you give to the new generation of UX designers.”



“That was a very intense course to improve my exist knowledge and get practice in real projects which improved my portfolio as well. Useful training for mid-level developers. I really enjoyed.”



“Thanks for the great experience within UX and UXR and to show our company the right way to achieve the project success. We look forward to doing more interesting projects with UX Guerrilla in the future.”


User Researcher

“Great agency to work with. They are really good at what they do, UX Guerrilla not just optimised the conversion rate but the business and customer experience have improved as well. Truly success! Thanks to the efficient team at UX Guerilla.”


Deputy Director

“We hired UX Guerrilla to do usability and accessibility tests on our newly developed internal-use software. UX Guerrilla helped us to reduce the error rate significantly and that speeded up the development process too.”


Product Manager

“So grateful to UX Guerrilla for helping us to improve the company’s conversion rate which significantly increased our online sale. Agency provided a high standard and very effective service, highly recommend them.”


Business Owner

“UX Guerrilla was hired to help us to increase the business success, improve our team effort and moral, also the customer satisfaction. Highly recommended, it was worth every pennies.”


Company Director

“That was a real help from UX Guerrilla and a great opportunity to transform our product into digital solution which with we can reach our customers more effectively world wide.”


Head of Development

“We all really enjoyed this course from the research techniques through the planning phase to the design thinking methodology. We also learned a lot about collaborative work which made our teamwork more effective.”


Team Leader

“UX Guerrilla located and analysed the source of problem in our workflow, since the issues have been resolved our sales team and customer service are much more effective which raised the business conversion rates.”


PR & Marketing Manager

“UX Guerrilla found the way to escape from the bad technical issues of our system. After a deep analysis and reviews they uncovered the real source of problem. Our business runs smoothly, the UX team worked hard but worth it.”


General Manager

“We thank a lot to UX Guerrilla for their precise job as they were uncovering some usability issues in our mobile solution which could have caused bigger problem for the users to access to our services in the future.”


Deputy Head of Development

“It was nice working with the UX Guerrilla creative team. They’ve led us into the design thinking methodology which were very useful during the development process from the very beginning of the project planning. We have learnt a lot during the collaborative work with the UX and UX Researcher team at UX Guerrilla.”


Business Analyst

“This course was very thorough and interesting. Through the practice, good examples have been shown and that helped me to learn it easier.”