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Scrum master &
Product owner

Scrum is a simple process framework that empowers people to higher performance, where management takes a less directive and supports small multi-disciplined teams and removes anything that stands in their way. Scrum is required a different way of thinking when compared to the old project management. This course has been designed to give a thorough overview about scrum principles, roles and ceremonies. Over the 2 days, students will develop and solidify their knowledge to be a helpful part of an Agile/Scrum team.

Scrum master & Product owner


Module 1 Agile/Scrum Principles

Overview the principles and scrum process, understand the iterative product development

Module 2Planning & backlogging

Use cases and user stories, understand the characteristic of the development process

Module 3Sprint planning

Understand the team capacity, sprint planning meeting, measure success, Burndown chart

Module 4 Scrum Roles

Understand and support the team, scrum roles and responsibilities, reviews and retrospectives
Scrum master & Product owner | 2 days


We will remember 2020 as a historic year. Brexit uncertainty and Covid-19 generated more issues than we ever imagined, and uncertainty required better decision making as wrong decisions generate much worse situations. Never been more important to learn better and more efficient development management skills.

Join a real, online classroom training where you can learn these new skills. During the training, you will get theoretical knowledge and practical examples through the Agile approach, scrum principles and thinking, foundation of the modern development process, digital/non-digital product development lifecycle, digital transformation and how to setup and manage an Agile environment.

To be a good Scrum Master or Product Owner, you also need to be a problem solver, understand the process and the available techniques, empathy, ability to complex thinking. We will teach how to develop this attitude, how to use these unique skills, how to bring special and priceless knowledge to the future table and how to use this proactive problem solving attitude and approach to build better products and services.

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Further informations

We are recommending this course for future scrum masters and product owners, team leaders, business analysts who want to understand the modern development environment and learn more about Agile thinking and environment.

This workshop is designed to cater for anyone who needs to think more creatively in their organisation or needs to inspire others to think more creatively. Understanding and using the Agile approach will be useful for anybody at any levels such as for development teams, project/product managers, team leaders, agile specialists, company managers, marketing teams as well.

The learning curve and the content of the course has been designed to understand the Agile/Scrum process, roles and responsibilities, foundation of Scrum and the scope of the role, and improve problem solving skills that leads to better and more reliable decision making. With a better understanding of Agile approach you’ll be trained for how to help your Scrum Team perform at their highest level.

This course is also helpful for future product and development teams, team leaders and business stakeholders, who first want to understand the possibilities and advantages of Agile before starting the actual development.

  • Agile principles – Anatomy of a modern development environment
  • Agile methods: Scrum, Kanban and the others
  • Ceremonies & roles
  • Sprinting: Release Planning and Tracking Progress
  • Tools: Jira, Confluence and task management
  • Testing principles: measure the success
  • Essence of Agile, other methodologies
This course is 2 full days, 9am – 5pm, an hour lunch break and a few short breaks are included.
There are no formal entry requirements, we welcome all applicants who are interested in this subject.
There is no exam on this course. After the training, you will get a Guerrilla Academy Certificate (it is not equivalent with the internationally recognised Scrum Alliance certificate).

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seats are available.
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What Our Students Say


“This course was very thorough and interesting. Through the practice, good examples have been shown and that helped me to learn it easier.”