foundation of ux

2 days intensive course around the foundation of UX. Over the 2 days, students will get a good understanding of UX principles and best practices, importance of user experience and customer experience. Join our interactive online classroom training and learn user focused design thinking methodology research techniques, the prototyping and the testing process, learn how to acquire more real life skills. This course is recommended for beginners, individuals or future development teams, team leaders, business stakeholders, who want to understand UX and UI in context.

foundation of ux


Module 1 Foundation of UX

An introduction to design thinking, design principles, research, prototyping and information design

Module 2Research principles

Learn to use various methods to expose problems and find crucial information to use in the design process

Module 3Best practices

Discover best practices for UX and UI design, improve usability, accessibility & efficiency

Module 4 Practical examples

Anatomy of a classical project from user experience, user interface and user research perspective
foundation of ux | 2 days


We will remember 2020 as a historic year. Brexit uncertainty and Covid-19 generated more issues than we ever imagined and uncertainty required higher quality and more precise work. Never been more important to be more efficient and effective.

Join our real time, online classroom training where you can learn new skills in user experience design directly from our experts. During the training, you will get theoretical knowledge and practical examples as well around UX best practices, UI basics, research principles and methodologies, wire-framing and prototyping tools, collaboration. We also teach you how to use this proactive problem solving attitude and approach to build better products and services.

A good UX designer has special skills as well such as empathy, ability to recognise and solve problems, ability to complex thinking and simplification of design thinking. We will teach you how to develop this attitude, how to use these unique skills and how you can bring these special and priceless knowledge to the future table.

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online classroom training

2 days

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Further informations

We recommend this course for future user experience designers, beginners but also helpful to anybody who is already working in/around development, digital transformation and wants to learn more about user experience design, customer experience, design thinking, user research. Also recommended for development team leaders, business stakeholders, who want to understand UX and UI in context. This course is recommended for individuals or/and for small teams who are interested in UX and UI.
This course is a live online classroom course, includes theory and lots of practical examples from the real world. The learning curve and the content of the course has been designed to help you understand, improve and adapt design thinking and user experience design. During the training, students will get basic theoretical lectures from UX and UI, user and research principles, collaboration, communication and organisation skills, stakeholder management, design techniques, wire-framing, prototyping and proactive problem solving attitude and approach to build better products and services.
  • What is user experience? – Functional and experience design and the the design process
  • Technology and complexity and usability – Why UX became a necessity?
  • Understand the users: goals, behaviours, context and mental models
  • Planning a research: Hypothesis and assumptions
  • Research techniques: Qualitative and Quantitative
  • Research analysis: Identifying patterns, creating a persona, scenarios and user journeys
  • Interaction design: concept models, information hierarchy and flow
  • Interfaces and navigation: storyboards and wireframes
  • Prototyping: Prototyping tools, building a prototype
  • Usability and accessibility – Planning and creating test scenarios
  • Practical and real life experiences
This course is 2 full days from 9am – 5pm, an hour lunch break and a few short breaks are included.
There are no formal entry requirements, we welcome all applicants who are interested in this subject.
There is no formal exam, you will get a Guerrilla Academy Certificate which proves that you participated in this training.

Limited number of training
seats are available.
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What Our Students Say


“I met so many interesting people during the training and also got knowledge enough to deciding to start a new career and move to this very exiting new field, thank you so much!”