Professor Driscoll to continue Deregallera partnership

In addition to our own employed team of experimental and theoretical physicists, we at Deregallera work with some of the best and brightest minds in the scientific community. In this way we support their academic work while taking advantage of their experience and expertise in our own materials research.

One such academic partner is Professor Judith Driscoll from Cambridge University, who heads up the Driscoll Research Group. The organisation was set up to investigate functional oxide thin films for applications in energy and electronics, meaning a partnership with Deregallera makes perfect sense for both parties as research work continues into new materials to deliver more efficient ways to store energy and operate electrically-powered motors.

She comments: “My group's research is concerned with the nanoscale design and tuning of functional oxide thin film materials for a variety of energy applications for generation, transmission, storage and harvesting. Oxides are of growing interest to all in the applied science community, owing to their very wide range of functions. However, their compositions tend to be complex, defects are prevalent, and interface effects play a strong role.”

Judith met with the Deregallera team in early May of 2016 to discuss project progress and plans for future collaboration.


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